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    Post: NYS Rules On Filing Complaints

    Posted by miles on 11/12/12


    I am not a lawyer.

    One of my relatives along with dozens of others ingested an
    adulterated protien powder supplement in Dec.2009. I have
    filed a an insurance claim about six months ago. The
    insurance company denies coverage based on causation issues.

    The statute of limitations will run out in about a month. A
    suit will have to be filed. The lawyers I talk to say that
    there is not enough time for them to investigate the case
    [my fault for waiting]. I will keep looking, until then.

    I have found online a copy of the complaint of another
    plaintiff written by his attorney [ I will go to court to
    see if it acurate]. The complaint is not specfic on
    explaining injuries damage amount etc.

    My question is can I use this complaint as my own after
    making the necessary edits to fit my circumstances? Are
    there specfic rules about things like that? Of course I
    would make sure the complaint is accuate and edited to fit
    my situation. Will the defense try to get case dismissed
    because I used someone else's complaint or will his /her
    honor care?

    Of course I will amend it if necessary.



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