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    Re: Spinal cord stimulator problems

    Posted by Cindy on 7/28/15

    On 5/20/13, Bonnie wrote:
    > On 1/06/13, sharon grey wrote:
    >> I would never recommend any spinal cord stimulator.
    >> Mine was removed in July 2012, ANS type.
    >> Finally after severe pain and back and neck swelling i was
    >> taken serious and it was removed.
    >> As a consequence of the stimulator i now have severe back
    >> pain cannot stand or sit for longer than 1 hour.
    >> Mri showed(please refer to sharon same date.)already
    > posted.
    >> I am in Melbourne Australia and i am thinking about
    > starting
    >> a class action suite against saint judes ANS type
    > stimulator.
    >> There is also the issue of blood clot in stomach since
    >> removal july 2012. Also a spinal tumour this cannot be
    >> denied as i have an Mri before a xray after stimulator
    >> inserted and no damage, but after 5 surgeries the final a
    >> removal that is when this Mri showed damage.
    >> These companies keep getting away with this as the laws in
    >> Australia are weak.
    > 7-28-15 Bonnie,
    I had a BS neurostimulator implanted 2011,removed in 2014 due
    to horrible,mutiple health issues that began after implant.I ha
    ve been dxd with multiple autoimmune ds,heavy metal poisoning. I
    've had chemo drugs, immunosuppressant drugs, now starting chela
    tion therapy. Plans for stem cell transplant in near future. BS
    will not turn over materials list of metals that battery was mad
    e of. They are not being helpful at all. If anyone has a class a
    ction suit against Boston Scientific re their neurostimulators,p
    lease email me. Thank you
    > Sharon,
    > My husband had a Boston Scientific stimulator implanted in
    > 2010. Two hours out of surgery his right foot began to
    > swell. The swelling worsened over the next couple months to
    > include his entire leg. During this time he also had
    > problems getting the stim to work in the right places, pain
    > when lying on his side where the battery was implanted,
    > sharp "needle pokes" to his eyes and face (his doctors
    > assured him it had nothing to do with the stim since it was
    > implanted in his mid back), numbness in his hands, bladder
    > and bowel problems. He begged for a year for them to remove
    > it. They finally did almost a year to the day of implant.
    > After removal his symptoms got progressively worse. His
    > swelling progressed to his left foot and leg and eventually
    > up into his torso. His skin on his feet, hands, and lips
    > started splitting and bleeding.
    > He passed away on Feb. 13, 2013. He went in his sleep after
    > over 2 years of agony that started when the stimulator was
    > put in. By the time he died the swelling had progressed to
    > his face, to the point that he could hardly open his eyes.
    > He was only 42.
    > This product is dangerous and should be taken off the
    > market. I'm curious who gets the kickback for selling this
    > thing and then do they get paid by how long it's left in?
    > They sure don't bother to mention all these side effects.
    > Please, please, please let me know if a class action suit is
    > started.

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