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    Post: Defective Methylprednisolone from NECC complications

    Posted by Sharon M Egan on 8/22/13

    CBS 60 minutes featured a story on contaminated
    Methylprednisolone from NECC(New England Compounding
    Center) which resulted in serious life-threatening fungal

    The drug was recalled by the FDA.

    My wife received an injection of the drug a few weeks
    before being rushed to the hospital with a serious fungal
    (and MRSA) infection in her arm, wrist and hand. She spent
    a week in isolation receiving antibiotics. She continued to
    receive daily antibiotic infusions daily for three weeks.
    (She had received carpal tunnel surgery shortly prior to
    the infection).

    She has never regained full function in her hand, which,
    according to the surgeon, was the result of the fungal
    infection. She continues to suffer from pain and numbness.

    We are seeking an attorney who can seek compensation for
    Sharon from New England Compounding Center.


    Roger & Sharon Egan

    720 Herbert St,

    Vista, CA 92084

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