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    Re: spinal cord stimulator

    Posted by Patricia Diane Bruyette on 4/14/17

    On 8/24/13, Rovert Dutille wrote:
    > Is anybody aware that each and every patient on the spinal
    > chatboard has passed a psychological exam in order to have
    > the implant? Does that not determine then that we are of
    > sound mine. Enough so that we are fully capable of making
    > serious decisions about our healthcare? Why then are we
    > nott getting the attention this subject deserves?
    I had the first scs by advance bionic in MA in 2004. It worked
    wonderfully for a few months. Because of my RSD which gets worse
    in the cold, I moved to Florida one year later. I could not find
    anyone to help me with my stimulator because as they said, they
    didn't put it in. I had terrible trouble with it firing off all
    over my back and the battery had migrated out of the pocket and
    I would have to constantly move it back. I finally got it
    removed by a surgeon who was friends with my doc. Thank God. My
    spine is completely wrecked now since it. I am in pain daily
    from it. So please, do your homework before making this

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