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    Re: Werner FS106 6' Fiberglass Ladder Failure

    Posted by Bill Liss on 6/05/16

    On 5/02/16, Gary wrote:
    > On 2/01/14, Jerry Heilman wrote:
    >> On January 26th, 2013, I was at my new house painting up
    >> inside one of the skylight tunnels in the dinning room. My
    >> wife was right next to me so that she could hand me paint
    >> filled rollers and what ever else I might need while working
    >> in the confined space.
    >> I was using a 6' Werner FS106 fiberglass ladder, rated for
    >> 250 lbs, that was maybe a year old and is always stored in
    >> my shop. I was on the fourth rung from the bottom. Due to
    >> the confined area I was working in, there was no way
    >> possible to be leaning hardly at all in any direction, so I
    >> was centered over the ladder.
    >> In a nut shell, all of a sudden the ladder dropped out from
    >> under me and I fell out of the skylight tunnel and landed on
    >> my right scapula on the hardwood floor. I ended up in the
    >> emergency room with a small pneumothorax injury and spent
    >> two days in the critical care center.
    >> I went over to the house yesterday to look at everything.
    >> Nothing has been moved since the accident and I am going
    >> over today to get some photos. The right side rail was bent
    >> in directly below the bottom rung about 45 degrees towards
    >> the center of the ladder. The lateral support for the
    >> bottom rung looks like it pushed up the bottom rung a good
    >> 3" in the middle. None of the fiberglass parts are torn
    >> looking and I can not see any threads from fiberglass
    >> tearing. Both side webs of the C channel side rail are
    >> mushroomed outwards a lot. On the left hand side rail, you
    >> can see a similar, but small, amount of deformation.
    >> I have done some searching on the CPSC web site and with
    >> Google and have found very little in the way of similar
    >> accidents reported. This web site seems to be one of the
    >> only places with similar incidents reported.
    >> So, my question is, has anyone else had any similar
    >> experience with Werner fiberglass ladders?
    > I had a similar experience in january of this year. identical
    > ladder, exact issue and i broke my right leg in multiple places.


    My wife had a very similar accident. She weighs only 125 lbs an
    d yet both of the bottom legs collapsed inward, causing her to f
    all and break her heel. A very surprising situation...should no
    t have happened.

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