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    Post: Broken titanium screw in neck

    Posted by Laura on 3/10/15

    I had a three level ACDF c-4-c7 5/24/2012,I felt something
    was wrong and my neurosurgion poopooed me .I had more
    epidurals suferred migrains then in June 2013 my Doc
    finally had CT done and found a broken titanium screw c-7
    ,the cadaver bone had not incorporated with my own bone,I
    found this out the day our house sold in LA and was told by
    my surgeon that I would have to pay for movers as I could
    not lift more than 20lbs.I now live in AZ went to several
    doctors(many who said "we don't do litigations"? I was sent
    to ENT and found that my rt vocal chord had been paralized
    during surgery.I faound a neurosurgeon who said that I had
    NOT fused,the hardware was breaking down and on 6/18/2014 I
    had a posterior fusion to stabilize my neck was in neck
    brace 4 months,I am still in physical therapy,have not been
    able to work and have yet to recieve any social security
    compansation! Last year our out of pocket expenses were
    astronomical,my marriage came very close to ending as a
    direct result of the problems associated with this
    situation. HOW DOES TITANIUM BREAK?? I have it in my mouth
    and that is fine and stable?? Please help me!!!

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