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    Post: precision spinal cord stimulator

    Posted by Dominic reed on 8/24/15

    I was implanted with the spinal cord stimulator. The last
    6to 8 months I ha e been miserable. I am getting shocked in
    my upper rib cage when the stimulation is suppose to be in
    my lower back and legs. I had my rep. Check it he put the
    remote on the thing they have to get readings. The
    impedance levels on the right lead were 6000+. When they r
    suppose to be no higher then 2200 or 2000. My I.for was
    sent to the engineering dept. Of Boston scientific and they
    said there is nothing wrong with the unit. The have done x
    rays and looked to see if the wires have moved or spread
    apart and they r still in position. This company is hiding
    g something.this device is my life with out it I am not
    able to hardly walk and had to go back on medications for
    severe pain I am having.I have had this for ten years or
    more I was one of the first people to be implanted and now
    there r problems. This company needs to be I.investigated
    and doctors will not do anything so my next step is a
    lawsuit against Boston scientific and the doctors because I
    think they r covering each other's asses.

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