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    Post: Boston Scientific spinal cord stimulator

    Posted by weary on 3/21/16

    Boston Scientific has not provided any real resources for
    patients who have complications of the spinal cord
    stimulator. I have been reduced to existing. I have had
    increased digestive problems and lost a lot of weight. The
    battery pack flipped over and has pulled the cord out of
    place and is pulling on the leads. The cord is hitting
    against my spine. The pain is extreme! My hands and feet
    are always cold and my temperature bounces from 96.1 to
    99.6F. I have pain through my torso, head,arm and leg on
    one side. I am off balance and walk with a cane. I am 47
    years old but might as well be 87. I can't think straight,
    my memory is affected, my depression and anxiety are out of
    control. The surgeon who put it in only wants to replace
    with a new model, He refused to remove it. I was not told
    in 2013 when I had the surgery that a paddle lead would
    make a difference if I needed it removed. The unit flipped
    on 12/31/2016 and I'm still trying to find a neurosurgeon
    to remove it. I can't get help anywhere so I sit here in
    pain and wish for a quick painless death. I can't sleep for
    long, I dream of pain and it wakes me everyday. The worst
    decision of my life! Information about this is not
    available anywhere. You can find general things but no
    symptoms of problems. Their info said to see your surgeon
    or go to an emergency room, well I did both and neither
    helped me. I live in a state that the laws protect everyone
    but the patient. Trial was great but I never had enough
    relief to offset the pain and problems from the permanent
    one. I only want help but they have went into the same
    speil, deny and ignore. I have also had urinary problems
    and some of these things I won't find out until it's
    removed to see, so I can't pursue other health problems
    while this is going on. I understand that there's
    complications from anything but they give no details and
    information because they don't want to scare off any
    potential customers (money).

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