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    Post: Prednisone withdrawals

    Posted by Linda on 9/21/17

    was originally put on prednisone for shoulder injuries, was
    not warned after dosage was done there would be side
    effects. Experienced extreme weakness, excruciating pain,
    what i did not know at the time.. anemia.. my adrenals
    started to shut down. Went to emergency room they claimed
    auto immune disease, gave me more prednisone, when I got
    off that dose symptoms got worse... came back to my
    original doctor, they did tons of blood tests, put me back
    on prednisone... while on it this time i researched
    everything about it and found the symptoms of what i was
    experiencing was the withdrawals from prednisone .. now
    made worse by three doses... I went from vibrant outdoors
    woman to invalid crawling across the floor on my back to go
    to the bathroom... over night.

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