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    Re: What they donít tell you ,PREDNISONE. IS. THE. NUMBER ON

    Posted by Melissa Chapman on 1/15/18

    On 11/06/17, Adrian Winslow-Hansen wrote:
    > I am 49. And. Iíll put. This. As. Quickly. , and. To. The.
    > Point. The. Doctors. And the. Pharmacies. Are. Protected
    > by. The pharmaceutical. Companieswhether. You live. In.
    > USA,OR,CANADA,and at. What. Measures. Will they. Go to ,
    > well I am. 49 ,and. And. I. Took. Prednisone. For. 3. Plus.
    > Years and and it was ,a. Yoyo. Effect weening down and.
    > Starting over and the physicians kept prescribing them. And
    > the Gealth watch. Professionals. Our. Pharmacists Kept on.
    > Filling. The. Prescriptions. It. Started. With. Me. Having.
    > Arthritis. And. Having complaints about pain. In. My lower
    > extremities hips , so degenerative. Bones. Perhaps. That.
    > Was the culprit. But they finally. Startedptreating me for
    > PMR, with prednisone for. 3 plus. Years. And I went to. The
    > ER. A few. Times. With complaints about. It being bad. And
    > they treated me like I was nuts ,,,Iíll assure you. That
    > they. Weíre negligent ,well. 3 plus years. I. Found. Myself
    > , I could no longer walk. At. The. ER where I begged them
    > to help me. I could. No longer deal with. The pain please
    > help me. The Dr on. Call did and. After tests and X-rays he
    > came back with. An. Answer to. My. Now total. Inability to
    > walk severe pain. Where I. Was wishing for death. And. I
    > didnít want that He held up an X-ray. From app when I first
    > started prednisone until that. ER visit and. That X-ray.
    > Told him the prednisone. Was. The cause of my. Pain ,
    > AVASCULAR NECROSIS & I. Was stillltakinf Prednisone up till
    > that day .and. That. My. Knee had also became. Completely
    > destroyed. But I could still use it , I. Went. To the ROYAL
    > COLUMBIAN HOSPITAL THE NEXT DAY hoping for immediate help.
    > And. I was treated like a Nan , a Human being, where they
    > admitted me. Immediately because it was so bad. That
    > someone seen my pain and Iíve now had both hips totally
    > replaced...They saved my life and ,, I WOULD LIKE TO BECOME
    > PART OF. ANY CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS and perhaps. I will be
    > able. To. Get one. Started , Due. To. I. Have. Legal
    > counsel at. The. Moment ,please send any responses to my.
    > Email. And my name is Adrian

    My son in law is 27 years old and has just had one hip replace
    d because of long term use. He needs the 2nd one done. He ha
    s been unable to find employment because of his now limitation
    s. He has mostly worked and has experience in a warehouse/man
    ufacturing/production environment and because of his now limit
    ations he can no longer perform those jobs. He has 4 children
    that because of the great deal of pain he was in prior to hip
    replacement was out of work since April of 2017. He needs to
    have the other one done but needs to bring in income to help
    my daughter more. I know he would love to become a member of
    a class action suit and there are others, but where to start. is my email address please contact me
    if there is one or if you need others to participate as well.

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