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    Re: Prednisone ,and no proper warnings , agaibst AVASCULAR

    Posted by Patricia on 10/04/18

    On 9/03/18, Adrian Winslow-hansen wrote:
    > I want to know , why was i not nonitored properly ,theough
    > healthwatch bc , because prednisone is the most dangerous
    > prescribed drug in the world ,
    I wish I had an answer for you. I am .... as you are trying to figure out how my
    doctor for over 18 years prescribed prednisone ( up to 40 mg per day) for me
    without any monitoring !?!? Never warning me about the true consequences
    from long-term use. Also no information or referrals to appropriate doctors as
    to what I should do to save myself from the mess Iím in today. Isnít this the
    job of a PCP primary care provider.? Or are they relieved of that
    responsibility today as well? My body is destroyed! My life as I knew it is
    over. I am not familiar with the legal jargon. I just want to know who is
    responsible, and are they whomever they are accounting for this horrible, and
    irreversible health issue. ?! Can I get a straight answer from someone who
    can point me in the right direction for justifiable answers . ?!

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