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    Post: Predisone

    Posted by Doreen Fedora on 11/19/18

    I am 49 years old I was put on prednisone a year and a
    half ago last year my back started fracturing one after
    another 14 fractions in total they said it was from
    prednisone my eyesight started going downhill They said the
    Cataracs that I had in both eyes was from Prednisones the
    osteonecrosis and my hips that I need full hip replacement
    is from Prednisone it has completely destroyed my life I am
    in a wheelchair I cannot walk but a few steps I cannot
    stand because of the severe pain in my back Iím line pain
    medicine constantly that doesnít even help I canít
    understand why this drug is still on The market I read the
    stories from other people and all of our lives have been
    destroyed somebody needs to be responsible I had the bones
    of a 95-year-old woman I will not see any grandchildren
    because I will not be alive no movement I cannot exercise
    my lungs which makes the COPD Worse So technically I am
    dying from this medication because I was a very strong
    woman and now I am very frail because of this

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