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    Re: Parking....

    Posted by -- on 5/14/08

    On 5/14/08, BBear wrote:

    No -- you have no rights in the property. Because you were
    given permission to use the property rather than using it
    adversely, adverse possession or easement by prescription do
    not apply even if you had used the property for 50 years.

    > Bought our house in VA (Fairfax County) in May 2001. On
    > the actual deed showing the property lines - it has approx
    > 2 20 foot gravel parking spaces. The previous owners had
    > an agreement with the owner (lives in FL) to park on
    > this "wooded lot". When I bought the house, I immediately
    > wrote to this woman, asking if whe was interested in
    > selling, and if not if she would continue the same
    > relationship as with the previous owner. She wasn't ready
    > to sell, but agreed and I spent much time and effort
    > making these 2 areas quite curb appealing. The lady just
    > died. Her daughter (B from hell) came up from FL to see
    > her inheritance. A couple of weeks later there's a fence
    > splitting the properties.
    > Do I have any rights? It had been over 7 years since I
    > moved in and the previous owners lived there for several
    > more.

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