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    Re: Parking....

    Posted by .... on 5/15/08


    > Bought our house in VA (Fairfax County) in May 2001. On
    > the actual deed showing the property lines - it has approx
    > 2 20 foot gravel parking spaces. The previous owners had
    > an agreement with the owner (lives in FL) to park on
    > this "wooded lot". When I bought the house, I immediately
    > wrote to this woman, asking if whe was interested in
    > selling, and if not if she would continue the same
    > relationship as with the previous owner. She wasn't ready
    > to sell, but agreed and I spent much time and effort
    > making these 2 areas quite curb appealing. The lady just
    > died. Her daughter (B from hell) came up from FL to see
    > her inheritance. A couple of weeks later there's a fence
    > splitting the properties.
    > Do I have any rights? It had been over 7 years since I
    > moved in and the previous owners lived there for several
    > more.

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