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    Re: Property Boundary

    Posted by -- on 9/13/08

    On 9/13/08, -- wrote:
    > On 9/13/08, Don't post here anymore. wrote:
    >> This is a law students chatroom. Law students cannot give legal
    >> advice. Retain an attorney or seek free help from the Legal Aid
    >> Society.
    >> Don't post here anymore.
    > Either block me, shut the site down, or shut your mouth (actually
    > your keyboard). We are discussing legal problems as legal
    > questions would be discussed on an exam. No one but an ignorant e-
    > troll like you would seriously consider comments that are made on
    > this board as actual legal advice. Go somewhere else to act like a
    > boss-man.

    I want to post my question in response to a follow up post again to
    see if we can get an interesting property discussion started despite
    the e-troll lurking around here -- just ignore the old fool.

    Again my question was:
    HOWEVER: This is a good question for this board.

    If a person satisfies all requirements for adverse possession of
    property but does not move to quiet the title in a court, who is
    responsible if an accident occurs on the property? If you
    adversely possess the property for the statutory period are you
    stuck with it as the legal owner or can you just walk away and
    disavow legal ownership? (Assuming you never were awarded title by
    a court)

    For example; what if you adversely possess a piece of land that is
    found to be a former toxic waste dump. The government orders a
    clean up of the property by the owner. The clean-up will cost a
    million dollars. Is the “deed” owner responsible or is the person
    who has adversely possessed the property for the statutory period
    responsible even though they never “confirmed” their ownership by
    adverse possession in a court. (assume that neither party caused or
    new of the existance of the toxic waste in the first place)

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