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    Re: "Squatter's" rights

    Posted by -- on 10/10/08

    On 10/10/08, Steph wrote:
    > Is there a squatters rights law,so to speak, stating "if a
    > caregiver keeps an elderly person in their (the elderly
    > persons) home for more than 2 years ,this home will become
    > the caregivers upon the death of the owner?

    No not in any state I'm aware of. You may be thinking
    of some type of quasi contract, however, real estate
    contracts must almost always be in writing.

    There may be cases (very limited) where estoppel would
    apply even to a quasi contract for real estate.

    For example if there was a clear promise made that if a
    person (care giver) provides a certain type of care for
    another person that person will in turn leave them their
    house of other valuable consideration. That is a tough
    case to win for the care giver unless it's in writing.

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