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    Re: "Squatter's" rights

    Posted by Sivuplay on 10/10/08

    The only squatting I do is to take a dump.


    On 10/10/08, -- wrote:
    > On 10/10/08, Steph wrote:
    >> Is there a squatters rights law,so to speak, stating "if a
    >> caregiver keeps an elderly person in their (the elderly
    >> persons) home for more than 2 years ,this home will become
    >> the caregivers upon the death of the owner?
    > No not in any state I'm aware of. You may be thinking
    > of some type of quasi contract, however, real estate
    > contracts must almost always be in writing.
    > There may be cases (very limited) where estoppel would
    > apply even to a quasi contract for real estate.
    > For example if there was a clear promise made that if a
    > person (care giver) provides a certain type of care for
    > another person that person will in turn leave them their
    > house of other valuable consideration. That is a tough
    > case to win for the care giver unless it's in writing.

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