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    Re: cutting vegetation on fenceline

    Posted by Poison Ivy on 10/21/09

    On 10/21/09, Meruca wrote:
    > Hello-
    > I just returned from a 2 month trip to find my neighbor had
    > severly chopped my ivy back on my fence which is 6 inched
    > on OUR property. It appears she is thinking of some sort of
    > activity on this strip in between oour properties.
    > What recourse do I have?

    Take a look at your state and local laws regarding trespass.
    If he/she has in fact violated a statute, then you can likely
    file a report and seek damages in a small claims court.

    Prior to doing this I would try to resolve any possible
    confusion or at a minimum get an explanation from your
    neighbor. While you were away he may have hired a company that
    went onto your property or cut tress your neighbor did not

    Get as much information and then decide how you will proceed.
    Almost all states and cities have the ordinances and statutes
    on their State house or senate websites... by the time you do
    all the leg work maybe the ivy will grow back.

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