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    Post: Adverse Possession

    Posted by Sheila Luke on 11/09/10

    We bought our home 5+ years ago. After purchasing a
    surveyor said the neighboring property is 20' on to our
    property. The subdivision was done at a time when family
    didn't have to do subdivision. The boundaries have been
    there for sometime, trees are planted on boundary and home
    was built in 1988. Township put diversion ditches on both
    side borders of our property (all this before neighbors had
    survey showing all lots shift west 20') Pictures, aerials
    all clearly define our lines. Can I file for adverse
    possession myself? If not what would the cost be to me? I
    need to do this quickly as the property next to me has sold
    and the company whom bought is putting in a pumping station.

    Thanks, Sheila

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