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    Post: non-renter occupation of property

    Posted by Barbara D. Brooks on 9/04/12

    We own a mobile home that we do not live in. We are not
    technically allowed to rent it out. However, the mobile
    home community said they would look the other way if we let
    someone else live there and if those people agreed to give
    us some money while they did that they would have nothing
    to do with that. This was preferable to them than having
    the house sit empty. In June they said they were going to
    move out some time in August. Based on this we decided to
    let my parents move in who needed somewhere to go. In July
    we called them to find out exactly when they would be
    moving so we could make plans for movers and cleaners and
    they said they were not leaving in August and might not
    leave until October. We told them we needed them to be out
    by the end of September. Now they haven't paid us for
    August and September doesn't look likely and their phone is
    cut off so we cannot contact them. What should we do?

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