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    Post: Sewer line underground prescriptive rights

    Posted by Kandee Acuna on 5/14/14

    We have this exact problem in Placerville, CA. Dad owns a 19
    30's era home in an 1880's era neighborhood, so homes hooked
    -up to sewer in different eras. City maintains the failing
    sewer system for 5 homes is a private system because there a
    re no sewer easements of record, the city can't find any rec
    ords. The city is denying responsibility for replacing the
    failing sewer system citing prescriptive rights of the 4 foo
    t deep underground sewer system. This fight was lost in Pat
    terson,CA with the city advancing the same defense, undergro
    und prescriptive rights and the city won and the residents h
    ad to repair the old sewer system. Very expensive.

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