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    Post: forged death certificate my husband

    Posted by LUVENIA MORRIS on 2/05/18

    Luvenia Morris
    Press Release, Radio,
    TV Complaint
    3725 Cranford Avenue Riverside CA 92507
    Identity Theft, Fraud, Forgery, forged death certificate, Jo
    sephine morris and Evelyn Morris
    Description of Complaint*
    Evelyn Hopkins, the daughter of Josephine Morris, she would
    be the head defendant caused intentional harm. Defendant did
    with intention caused false documents to be used against th
    is plaintiff for money gain, property and Business Loss, dis
    advantage against plaintiffs all to loss, harm to plaintiff
    monetarily and emotions by issuing and uttering false docume
    nts and untrue facts against this plaintiff.
    Defendants caused death records of plaintiff husband to be m
    isrepresent facts of spouse of decease. Husband and plaintif
    Defendant knew or should have known such acts or emissions w
    ould and did cause harm and loss to this plaintiff said acts
    and omission of descendant was done without knowledge of pl
    Defendant caused false information from defendant to a publi
    c agency and said agency did rely upon statements and uttera
    nces of defendant of construct public records and documents
    which in point of facts were false and caused the loss of pr
    operty, personal position, emotional harm and disadvantage t
    o this plaintiff and loss of plaintiff property. The amount
    of exemplary damages sought is and should pursue to civil pr
    ocedure section 425-10 amount $3,532.065 and as the court de
    emed justified prudent proper amount.
    Intentional tort, exemplary damages,
    caused general negligence, property loss and liability, plai
    ntiff suffered, wage loss, loss of use of property, hospital
    and medical expense, general damages, loss of earnings, cap
    abilities, the damages claimed for wrongful death and the re
    lationships of plaintiff to the deceased are, compensatory d
    amages, punitive damages, according to proof, in the amount
    of $14,000,000.00.
    Do not enter personal information like name, address,
    TV Issues* 1-10

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