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    Re: Real estate slowdown?

    Posted by v on 2/16/07

    That maybe so in some affluent areas. The bigger picture is we
    are in dire straights. Chrysler has just announced the closeing
    of two of their plants. G.M. has closed two already that i know
    of. Military bases are slated to close within the nest four to
    five years, maybe sooner. The one in my area will affect at
    least 50,000 people indirectly. Thos who make their living
    because the base is there. With higer gas prices ... natural gas
    and other natural resources going up up up ... and the debt
    going higher. The real estate bubble is deflated. Forclosures
    will be booming shortly. As that has already begun. Prepaire for
    a HARD landing. Nothing left to soften the fall.

    On 12/06/05, Realtor wrote:
    > Real Estate sales and listings are red HOT all year round
    > in :
    > # 1.- VEGAS
    > # 2.- FLORIDA
    > # 3.- CALIFORNIA
    > If you can move to any of this States you will do good all
    > year round and I know I live in one of the above States
    > You don't even have to hold open houses, or do much
    > advertising, just the 4SALE sign will sell any piece of Real
    > Estate...and other offices and RE Agents will start faxing
    > you the offers
    > Right after Halloween Real Estate starts slowing down
    > because buyers and sellers are already thinking of the
    > Holidays where nobody wants to make a move at less they have
    > to
    > In Massachusetts, business will start picking up again right
    > before Springtime
    > Good luck in the future with your career in Real Estate the
    > best investment always!
    > Realtor
    > On 12/06/05, JF wrote:
    >> I practice in Massachusetts where real estate has very
    >> much slowed down. I'm curious if this is the case in other
    >> states, and if other Massachusetts real estate attorneys
    >> share my view.

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