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    Post: Broker clouding property title

    Posted by Max on 2/26/09

    Linda Bobski and Karen Bergin of Coldwell Banker Advantage
    in Overland Park, Ks. filed illegal documents to cloud the
    title of a home they failed to produce a buyer for. They
    then extorted thousands of dollars from the sellers before
    releasing the encumbrance. The broker and her agent knew
    they could get away with their blackmail because it would
    cost more in legal fees for the seller to fight the big
    franchise in court, than it would to simply pay them to go
    away; and failure to meet their ransom demands would
    result in the property remaining unmarketable indefinitely.

    The documents filed against the property were deemed to be
    illegally filed by 8 licensed attorneys (4 hired by the
    bank owning the property loan, 2 hired by the title
    company, 1 hired by the seller of the property, and 1
    hired by the buyer of the property), so there is no doubt
    the actions of Coldwell Banker served no purpose but to
    cloud the property title.

    The documents filed with the recorders office can be
    viewed by visiting Once there,
    you can login as a guest (no password required) and search
    the real estate records for a business named RSB Realty.
    The illegal document filed by Karen Bergin and Linda
    Bobski is instrument #2007032423, dated 08/06/07, book
    #5778, page 125. You can pull it up, view the actual
    document and even print out a copy.

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