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    Post: Rental of Real Estate by Executor of estate

    Posted by Ann on 3/08/09


    I am not sure i'm in the right forum, but I have a question
    regarding a condo my sister and I inherited last August.

    My sister is trying to force me to sell in this terrible
    market, mostly out of spite. Am I, as the executor able to
    secure a lease on the property to someone else without her
    involvement, signature, permission, etc? I am trying to
    stall the sale. Also, I have lived there 9 years, and am
    out of a job since my mother's illness and assumed I would
    be able to live there until i could get my finances in
    order, as their is no mortgage.

    Also, does my executorship terminate, once the condo is in
    mine and my sister's names, which should be this week.

    thank you,

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