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    Re: Legal Interpretation of a Sentence

    Posted by sharwinston on 4/26/06

    In situations like this, you should consult an attorney and
    you are urged to do so. Having said that: Your
    interpretation appears reasonable subject to interpretation of
    the word "complete." Who's interpretation of "complete"?
    What's "complete" to you might not be "complete" to the CC&R
    police OR to the courts. Again, you are urged to consult an
    attorney -- and particularly so if you face any potential
    liability for any project. Furthermore, courts can AND will
    invalidate any CC&R that violates public policy, and policy
    includes local, state & federal building laws and/or codes.

    On 4/24/06, John wrote:
    > Basically without getting into specifics, A sentence from
    > a Townhome Covenants and Restictions Deed:
    > "In the event said board, or its designated committee,
    > fail to approve or disapprove such design and location
    > within thirty (30) days after said plans and
    > specifications have been submited to it, or in any event,
    > if no suit to enjoin the addition, alteration, or change
    > has been commenced prior to the completion thereof,
    > approval will not be required and this article will be
    > deemed fully complied with."
    > Focusing in on the last part beginning with ", or in any
    > event," I read that as if no injunction gets filed before
    > the project is complete, project is approved and any suit
    > brought against after completion will be fruitless.
    > ??????

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