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    Post: Experiment for agencies and their clients

    Posted by TOP_CASA on 8/19/11

    Portal TOP-CASA made the research to determine why the work
    of estate agents isn’t often profitable and can it be changed!
    We made the research and found, that the large percentage
    of requests to rent and buy real estate, coming to real
    estate agencies are not treated promptly, for various
    reasons: the client didn’t give the necessary information,
    the client didn’t gave contact information, or price range,
    the price of the request doesn’t comply the actual price of
    the objects. In these cases, the agency doesn’t process the
    request or ignore it, or wastes time to complete the
    request, while the client has already made a deal with
    another agent. As a result, the agency loses time, money,
    and in the case of ignoring requests harms the reputation.

    In this case, the portal TOP-CASA has created and
    implemented the unique system of processing requests to
    rent and purchase residential and commercial real estate.
    The system works in test mode but allows agencies:

    • monitor the status of the request from its receipt to
    payment portal commission;

    • communicate with the customer through the internal chat
    (which allows you to see if the client online, to refine the
    details, solve problems and give advice in requests processing);

    • expand the geography of work and increase the number of
    requests (the agency can process request from client who
    doesn’t speak his language, thanks to built-in user chat
    online translator, agent and client can understand each
    other and deal);

    • to send more detailed description of the property,
    photographs, plans, presentations (history of sent messages
    is stored throughout the communication, any time you can go
    to correspondence and to clarify the stage of negotiations
    with client);

    • to send the contract, invoice and receive back documents
    and receipts for payment of services;

    • control all the requests from customers directly on site,
    sort by status, date, see the number of processed requests
    and pending;

    • submit requests for another agency - communicate and
    receive real estate listings from other agencies represented
    on the portal, thus obtaining the percentage of commission
    on the transaction;

    • work with other agencies and developers represented on the
    portal, thereby expanding the range of activities and
    spheres of influence;

    Anyone who wishes to participate in the experiment and test
    the new system of portal can do it for free. To do this,
    just register on the portal and fill in your profile.

    International real estate portal

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