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    Post: Inherited land

    Posted by rebecca on 12/26/12

    Hi there,
    we are located in oregon and my father inlaw inherited a
    115 acre parcel of land with his two sisters and a 69 acre
    parcel that borders the shared property. He has tryed to
    buy out his sisters at a reasonable price and they have
    refused! They want to sell it but only for inflated prices.
    They had the shared property divided for appraisal purposes
    into multiple parcels. Each parcel is a field as we are
    farmers and farm the land. Only a few parcels have water
    rights. Each parcel was given its own value. Most of the
    fields fall between 38,000.00 and 190,000.00. There are
    technically 7 Parcels. The two sisters want 500,000.00 each
    for their 33.3 acres? One sister occupys the familly home
    on the 115 acre shared portion . She is into drugs and etc
    and is quite the liability. At any reight the familly home
    and lake and several shops that were seperated into one 12
    acre parcel is valued at 490,000.00 . My question is this,
    would my father inlawbe intitled to what his sisters are
    asking for in monetary value in property? Since they want
    500,000.00 each could he ask for 500,000.00 worth of
    parcels instead of cash or dividing it into 33.3 acres
    each? especially since the portion with the home which the
    sisters deffinently refuse to sell is worth so much more
    then the fields?

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