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    Re: Who's at Fault??

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 12/19/05

    If your purchase agreement says the seller is supposed to
    pay a portion of the taxes, go after seller. Why didn't you
    have an attorney with you at closing?

    On 12/19/05, Maurice Fenske wrote:
    > Maurice & Christine Fenske
    > 1546 Covey Drive
    > River Falls, WI 54022
    > 715-425-8934
    > Four Seasons Title , of 206 2nd Street in Hudson, WI.
    > closed the mortgage deal for our new home on 9-7-05 at
    > their Hudson, WI. Office. They also have an office in
    > Roseville, MN.
    > At the time, we believed that this professional title
    > service being paid for by us was going to make certain all
    > of our home closing documents were in order.
    > On 12-16-05 I received a 2005 tax bill from the City Of
    > River Falls, WI...where our home is located. The tax bill
    > was $5,096.98 for the tax year 2005.
    > I reviewed my paperwork from the closing, expecting that
    > there would have been a contribution to our escrow account
    > at closing in reference to the seller's owed taxes for the
    > time from January 1st, 2005 to the date of closing per our
    > purchase contract.
    > The title Company did not do the required paperwork to
    > find out the actual 2005 assessed value from the assessor
    > or they would have known the home assessed at $218,000 and
    > then they could have taken and prorated the taxes the
    > seller owed up to the date of closing and I would not be
    > stuck with a $5100 tax bill for a property I only owned
    > for 116 days in 2005.
    > The home is a new construction home that was finished in
    > December of 2004, per the City of River Falls Inspector.
    > The home reassessment for taxes was completed and closed
    > for 2005 on 5-13-05.
    > Had this title Company called the Assessor they could have
    > found out the assessed value and with that, contacted the
    > treasurer and got the mill levy information needed to
    > estimate very closely what the 2005 property taxes would
    > come to be. Then the title company could have done their
    > job and collected the proper monies from the seller at
    > closing and I would not be the one holding the bag now. At
    > the very least, the Title Company should have estimated
    > high because they knew from the appraisal and purchase
    > contract that this home was being bought by us for
    > $265,000.
    > I have talked this over with the title company and they
    > refuse to accept fault , even though our purchase
    > agreement clearly states that the current years tax
    > information will be used if available (which it surely was
    > if they called the right people).
    > Instead the title company took the easy route, looked up
    > our tax value online the Pierce County's website , found
    > the valuation for 2004 (when the property was a vacant
    > lot) and they did the pro-rations off of that $642 tax
    > amount for 2004 on the vacant lot. They only collected
    > $442 from the Seller at Closing for 2005 Taxes.
    > They Screwed up royally and have apologized, even though
    > they said they should have caught the mistake……….they
    > refuse to make it right !!!!
    > I should be given actual monies equal to the excess taxes
    > I am being held accountable for their mistake. I have been
    > in this home just over a hundred days in 2005 , therefore
    > I should only be responsible for about $1500 of the $5100
    > 2005 tax bill. They should be responsible for the
    > remainder and be up to them to collect any money from the
    > seller if they so chose. I have talked to the seller and
    > he has said the same thing.........They screwed up and the
    > Seller is not offering to pay his portion now!!!!

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