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    Post: Contract on a House

    Posted by Rita Scott on 6/01/06

    We recently signed a contract to purchase a house. We put
    2 contengencies in the contract. One that we sold our
    house that we live in, and the other was to obtain
    financing. The house we were in the process of buying was
    going into foreclosure. Our real estate agent told us we
    needed to give the seller $2000.00. She took it off the
    price of the house. She was pushing us to buy the other
    house even though we hadn't sold ours. We told her we
    couldn't afford the 2 houses we had to sale ours. She
    then told us she had another buyer, we told her to sell
    it. Our contengencies hadn't been met. She now states
    since we got financing she will try to get $1000.00 of our
    money back. THis is wrong we should get all of our money
    back. Because the contengencies were not met. Any advise
    on what I can do?

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