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    Re: Contract on a House

    Posted by sharwinston on 6/01/06

    huh? huh?

    If the real estate agent took the deposit "off the price of
    the price of the house" that you haven't bought yet: How are
    you out $1,000?

    On 6/01/06, Rita Scott wrote:
    > We recently signed a contract to purchase a house. We put
    > 2 contengencies in the contract. One that we sold our
    > house that we live in, and the other was to obtain
    > financing. The house we were in the process of buying was
    > going into foreclosure. Our real estate agent told us we
    > needed to give the seller $2000.00. She took it off the
    > price of the house. She was pushing us to buy the other
    > house even though we hadn't sold ours. We told her we
    > couldn't afford the 2 houses we had to sale ours. She
    > then told us she had another buyer, we told her to sell
    > it. Our contengencies hadn't been met. She now states
    > since we got financing she will try to get $1000.00 of our
    > money back. THis is wrong we should get all of our money
    > back. Because the contengencies were not met. Any advise
    > on what I can do?

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