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    Post: mold and water in my house

    Posted by bridgett on 7/19/06

    I bought my house through a bank who said it was a
    foreclosure home which come to find out i knew the ppl who
    own the house before and i knew they use to be water that
    came in the house when i asked the bank about it he told
    me he had all of that fixed which was a lie he just
    covered everything up that was damaged. a year later and
    10,000 dollars wasted trying to fixed the water the mold
    and all the walls and floors it still comes in when it
    rans the mold just gets worse i signed a paper as is wheni
    i bought the house but it didnt say anything about water
    in it ive tryed to get lawyers but they all deal with the
    bank i bought the home from so no one with take my case is
    there a way around the as is paper or am i stuck. oh yeah
    and the house wasnt foreclosed the couple who had it
    before me sued the bank for the same problem i have now
    what can i do ????

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