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    Post: Deed Restriction Disclosure Question

    Posted by Tickedoff1stXhomebuyer on 8/01/06

    I would like some help from the experts here. We closed on
    a newly built home on Friday. While getting estimates for
    things like brick mailboxes, and fences, my neighbor
    informed me that there were deed restrictions that I have
    to abide by. So I went thru all of the paper work that we
    have signed from day one, and I have nothing about deed
    restrictions. We were never given any information with
    regards to legal restrictions. My question is do I have any
    legal standing making us abide to this restrictions? Are we
    able to back out of our contract if this information was
    not disclosed prior to our closing? Your help would be
    greatly appreciated.

    One ticked off first-time homeowner!!!

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