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    Post: home buyer harrassing home seller

    Posted by mysticriver on 1/02/07

    Due to a divorce all my mothers assess r frozen until the
    sell of the current house she is in. The closing on the
    house was on 12/27/06. Today the buyer arrived at the house
    and started yelling about how the house was suppose to
    vacated by 1/1/07. This gentlemen then proceeded with his
    work force to tear the bricks off the house. The trees were
    cut down and the flowerbeds ripped up. Including using a
    chain saw and cutting off the rose bushes which my mother
    intended to dig up and take with her. What i need to know
    is does my mother, as the seller, have any rights? Is she
    not allowed more than 6 days to find a place to live and
    move her belongings? Keep in mind that new years was just
    this past weekend also. It was impossible to complete any
    business over the weekend. Thank you for your attention.

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