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    Post: Purchasing Requirements

    Posted by Kimberly Garrison on 1/09/07

    I have recently made an offer to purchase a bank owned
    home that had been foreclosed on. We agreed on the
    purchase price and I signed a contract. They required
    that I submit a $500 earnest money deposit, a prequal
    letter from my mortgage lender, and a copy of my credit
    report. I complied with all of these requests. Now they
    told me that I must allow them to pull my credit before
    they will sign the contract even though they have a full
    trimerge report with scores dated yesterday from my
    mortgage company. I buy several properties every year and
    I have never heard this demand before. Can they legally
    force me to submit to another credit pull, or deny me
    purchase of this property? I am trying to keep the number
    of credit inquiries to a minimum to protect my score since
    I flip properties for a living. Any information that you
    can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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