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    Post: land contract.. I messed up!

    Posted by dan on 1/17/07

    well, first let me say I mesed up! I did NOT hire an
    attorney in the beginning ( before the sale) or I probobly
    would not be here now! I sold my home under a real loose
    contract with a 6 month ballon pmt. ( all was to be done in
    6 months) He put a decent amount down, and then put a good
    sized amount into the place too,( even though it did state
    NO IMPROVEMENTS in the paper), So I am not really too sure
    why He won't at least sign an extension as I offered one to
    him as one of my last choices.. anyway.. I could go on and
    on with all the details but my question at hand is.. I just
    hired an attorney to go forth with getting him out. That
    was my last choice as I really just wanted to be done with
    the house.. I guess I am still being hopefull that he would
    come through with financing, and had mentioned that I
    should sell him the home and land NOW for MORE as it IS
    worth more, I paid dearly for all these legal expenses,
    etc.. He said I CAN'T. The contract is binding! (?) I
    figured this contract to be good from june 06 to nov 06
    like it stated and it now has no bearing on anything else.
    He defaulted and ruined the contract! What do you think? I
    am going forward with my legal counsel, I just want to make
    sure I have one up on this stuff..

    thanx! dan

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