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    Post: Home disclosure, suing seller

    Posted by Mike Youshock on 1/23/07

    I recently purchase a home in Williamsburg, VA. After
    living in the home a few weeks I've noticed a lot of
    carcking in the walls (and previous attempts to fix them)
    and uneven floors which led me to beleive there were
    structural problems. I hired inspector before purchase,
    but the guy was incompetent and didn't mention any
    structural issues. I have since had the house looked at
    by foundation specialists and they confirm serious
    structural problems and previous "band aid" attemnpts to
    fix the problems. The previous owners have lived in the
    house for over 20 years. Can I go after the seller for
    not disclosing these problems? I have estimates
    approaching $50k to fix the problems.


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