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    Re: real estate help

    Posted by Donald on 2/27/06

    The fastest and easiest way is for you to meet with your
    father here if the Real Estate property is here in the USA,
    have the money ready in the form of a Cashiers check ready
    to be deposited into the Escrow, YES you need to hire
    an Escrow Company to do all the legal work, such as search
    of taxes, previous owners, permits, illegal convertions
    etc., believe me is worth it, because Escrow will make sure
    that everything is legal and in order to close the

    The only thing you can do at this point is bring your father
    for a couple of weeks until you open escrow and escrow
    instructions, you don't even need a Real Estate Agent and
    this will save you the commision since the sale is between a
    trusted relative which is your own father

    You can put in the scrow instructions exactly when you want
    escrow to close everything has to be in agreement by you and
    the seller in this case your father

    Good luck


    On 2/21/06, mari wrote:
    > am buying my home from my dad, paying it off but his in
    > mexico now i want to start getting the house under my
    > name. what do i do?

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