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    Posted by Me2 on 4/26/07

    My husband and I live in a home. This some is owned by his
    parents, who pay the mortgage and taxes. While different from
    your situation, we have asked repeatedly, including when we
    first looked for home if they could give us the down payment and
    let us get it in our own names. After we moved in it, we would
    have liked to refinance with our names. They won't let us do
    any of it. Now, we would like to move. They want to control
    our every move. I have thought of leaving my husband because of
    this, and of them.

    On 4/24/07, kick HER square wrote:
    > On 1/25/07, Ryan Serrano wrote:
    >> Currently my wife and her parents are on the loan for the
    >> house that we live in. My wife and I want to move out of
    >> state, and buy a new home, but because her parents do not
    >> agree with her being with me. We tried to sell the house
    >> and they wouldn't sign, we tried to re-finance to get them
    >> off of the loan and they wouldn't sign. My wife bought
    >> the house with her ex-husband, her parents co-signed for
    >> her so she couldn't get a lower intrest rate, and now
    >> won't allow us to do anything. What can we do? we make
    >> the payments and pay the taxes.
    > have a nice kick in the square

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