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    Post: wrongful dislcosure of information

    Posted by Darlene Edwards on 2/01/07

    When I bought this home, I put down $10,000.00 in order
    to bring my house payment down.
    It is third party financed. The owner told me that there
    were things wrong, but I would find out what they were
    I was also told that the house payments would go down also.
    in good standing. I missed a number of payments, so he
    tried to sue me. My daughter came up with the reciepts
    because Richard said if we did not show reciepts we did not
    make payments.

    I was offered only $2,000.00 because he said he felt I was
    over my head with the home contract, but the $10,000. was
    the last of my husband's life insurance. The home was sold
    $20,000. over the appraised value of at least $60,000.000.

    These are the things I found wrong and are still wrong with
    the home: NO gutters, Electrical shortages in the cooking
    stove(counter insert) No broiler in the oven.

    I have had to pump the septic tank out myself as of
    recently. With that I found I need a new drain field.

    The electical outlets only work when the lights are out in
    the garage. I have a freezer out there, and found that out
    the hard way.

    There is a leakage on one side of the wall where it has
    seeped down to the flooring of the basement when it rains,
    so now I need drywall replacement, as well as dry rot.

    Mold exists also on the concrete areas downstairs.
    Yes, I am over my head with all of these repairs, but I
    feel that I have been taken advantage of with the sale of
    this home.

    I want to keep it, and make improvements, but not until I
    can get justified with this third party person whom I feel
    has ripped me off, and says he will work with me, but not
    with only $2,000.00. There should be some sort of
    compensation, or break of some sort.

    I bought the home in As Is condition, not knowing all the

    These are the items I found as I

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