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    Post: Dispute with homeowners assoc.

    Posted by Rhon on 3/22/07

    I am in a situation with the management company where I
    live. There was a discrepency in dues. We discussed it
    on the phone using the ledger they provided. I informed
    them they were missing a check. They requested copy of
    cancelled check. Upon sending them the cancelled check,
    they changed the ledger and now showed the check against a
    cash payment (made while I was transitioning banking).
    Now they are saying they know that b/c they have a copy of
    the check - well, duh, I sent the copy of the check. They
    refuse to accept the cash payment now saying I need a
    receipt. I argued the receipt is their own ledger. They
    now are charging me late fees and threatening to turn me
    into collections and place a lien on my residence.

    Any ideas? Should I file in court?

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