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    Post: sueing the listing broker

    Posted by mark on 3/29/07

    i purchased 16 acres that had been on the market for 2 and
    1/2 years before i purchased the land the broker that was
    selling it was very involved in the purchase. and had the
    listing for almost 1 year when i purchased the property.
    But he listed it with having a prvt. rd. and a easement
    for acess. ( come to find out there is no access at all )
    also listed the land as having phone to property ( no
    phone within 1 mile of the property) listed that the
    property had a well ( no well on the property at all)
    listed the property as having a septic system in ( there
    is no septic)do i have any recourse against the listing
    broker ? as this is complete fraud ... the seller is old
    and i do not believe i could recover enough to cover my
    damages do i have a case against the broker thanks

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