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    Post: Who's at fault?

    Posted by Mona on 3/28/06

    On June 26, 2004, I sold my home, with an amendment to the
    contract saying I would pay $4830 of the buyers' closing
    costs. I picked up my proceeds check from the sale with
    no problem. In March 2006 (yes, over 1 1/2 YEARS later, I
    was contacted by the title company that they had made a
    mistake in the closing and that I now owe them $850
    because they had miscalculated the numbers, saying I only
    paid $3970 of the costs. I did not believe it was right
    to ask me to pay for the mistake so long after the
    closing, as now it would be hard to come up with that much
    money. As I really hadn't examined the papers, I pulled
    them out, and as I read them, feel that one of my
    signatures is also a forgery. Does the company have a
    right, after a year and a half, that the company can ask
    for their money back? A lawyer has been referred to as
    the debt collector.

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