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    Post: Refi mortgage-never happened

    Posted by Trusted on 7/10/07

    We were solicited by a company that we have been doing
    business with for at least 10 years. Promised that they
    were going to refinance our home loan. I trusted this
    company and beleived what the loan officer told me. This
    process went on and on daily I was told the loan would
    close tomorrow but tomorrow never came. I was told to paid
    them money on my account to get the balance down where the
    refi would work. So I took my bill money and paid because
    I was told "that this was the only way we could go foward
    with the loan and get it closed." They took my money and
    never closed the loan. Now my credit is dropped so much
    because the house payment did not get paid, so know we are
    behind on just about everthing because of this process. Is
    there anything that we could do?

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