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    Post: short sell property

    Posted by reen on 8/08/07

    i need advice as to what i can do or whom i can contact
    regards to this issue.. we were going to close this
    property on 17th of last month and it did not happen ,
    broker did not mention that the house is short sell nor
    did my attorney.. they have my deposit and still waiting
    for it.. what can i do to find answeres .. as who is at
    fault.. if my attorney knew than he should have told us
    and how can he give us a date to close..
    can some one shed some light into this matter as how i
    proceed with legal matters.. i want to take my attorney
    and my real estate broke to the court and get answers
    any trial lawyer on line can help me..

    also i am looking for a attorney who will take this case
    and find answeres for us.


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