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    Re: Trust in Disclosure in Oklahoma

    Posted by Jodey on 8/20/07

    I am not familiar with OK but I am getting more and more
    familiar with disclosure issues with a really bad first house
    purchase. Yours would be best fought in small claims court
    yourself. It is a more practical court for the amount you
    would need to take care of the water issue and carpet. They
    find more fault in what was covered up and if the prev owners
    are not represented by someone it costs you less then $100.00
    to file and if you get the right judge you can get them to pay
    for that too. Judges don't like people who take advantage of
    the unsuspected. Take good pictures and make sure they have a
    date on them...if you do not have a camera that dates make
    sure to develope them as soon as you take them. Also...make
    sure to bring to court the disclosure statement they provided
    you before closing. I know sometimes it may not seem like it
    is worth your time to do all of this but if at all to make
    sure you let "them" know that they can't do it to someone else.
    On 8/20/07, Casey Davis wrote:
    > I moved into my new house, on the very first night the we
    > had alot of rain fall in oklahoma (in-land hurricane this
    > last weekend). Water came in from the side of the house,
    > not the ceiling or wall really, but from the side and
    > underneath.
    > My question is if there is some sort of truth in disclosure
    > in oklahoma that would force the seller to pay for this? I
    > had to pull up the carpet in the living room and there are
    > some previous water stains underneath. After only owning
    > the house 1 and 1/2 business days I really don't think I
    > should have to pay to fix it.
    > Thanks for your help.

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