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    Re: Nondisclosure by seller & negligent inspector?

    Posted by Katie on 2/19/09

    On 7/09/08, Nathan wrote:
    > I purchased a townhome in December of 2006 from an elderly
    > couple in northwest Florida. The property was inspected by
    > an inspector through my real estate agent. The inspection
    > reported no significant defects to the property. Many
    > months later my neighbor informs me of a settlement issue
    > affecting my our row of townhomes. According to my
    > neighbor, this problem has been known for several years.
    > then pointed out the visible signs of the settlement along
    > his property and mine. He said that he was aware of the
    > issue when he purchased his home several years ago. The
    > cost of re-setting the foundation will likely be between
    > $17-25,000. Would I be able to sue the sellers, inspector,
    > both?
    How many times will our credit be looked at before our home
    closing date? Do they also check the credit a few days
    before closing too? thank you so much:)

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