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    Re: closing gone bad to worse

    Posted by Burt on 7/22/08

    The closing fees in the amount of $24k was in the lenders
    attorney escrow account when the AUSA seized the account. The
    paperwork, i.e (The deed)was signed by both me and the buyer.
    But was never recorded because the title co. never recieved
    the closing fees that was seized. The contract states that I
    am responsible for the closing fom my proceeds but that $24k
    was the remainder of the proceeds.

    Q. Can I legally sale this house again since I am the owner
    and only person listed on the deed

    Q. Is the title co. resposible since the deed was signed and
    some money did change hands(my mortgage was paid off and I did
    recieve proceeds minus the $24k

    Q. Should there been some type of insurance covering the
    closing in general protecting the seller and buyer through the
    title co.

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