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    Post: Contract Adendum by Relocation Company

    Posted by susan on 7/23/08

    Hello there. We are buying a house but the owner is selling
    it through a relocation company. The relocation company
    asked us to sign an contract addendum in which there is a

    "Buyer's closing on Property will constitute its
    acknowledgement that Property, including defect (if any) is
    acceptable to the Buyer. Buyer's acceptance of the deed and
    property at final settlement/closing will consitute an
    absolute and irrevocable waiver of Buyer's rights at any
    time in the future to object to property or its condition
    or to assert any claim whatsoever related to Property,
    including latent defects of which seller has no actual

    "Buyer agree that any dispute involving Seller related to
    the contract of Sale will not be submitted to mediation or

    I am nervous about those wording, can anyone advise if I
    should Sign the Addendum? Thanks a lot!

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