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    Posted by Bert Tiger Whitehead on 7/13/12

    I am a member, one year and counting. Love it. Definitely need
    to follow up and make calls. Expensive but worth it to me.
    More than pays for itself.

    9/21/10, Matt Atty wrote:
    > On 9/17/10, Tanja wrote:
    >> Does anyone have any opinions about or be
    >> willing to discuss your experience with this service?
    >> Thanks.
    > Have used them before and it works if you have the money. I
    > have used LegalFish, case post and Total Attorneys. Good
    > thing with LegalMatch and LegalFish is that your not paying
    > per lead. You get everything even though everyone is not a
    > good one. It pays for itself and then some. These are not
    > the passive marketer though You have to follow up and sell
    > your service.

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